Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patty's Weekend

My weekend started off with homemade pizza and beer (not pictured). We skipped the green foods this year in exchange for a low-key night.

I had a few hours to make some fresh pizza dough and let it rise. Lucky for me I had quite a bit leftover to stick in the freezer to use another day.

I've been trying to make more sauces lately, and this marinara made the kitchen smell delicious.

Then came the easy part, rolling out the dough and adding the sauce and the toppings we wanted. Usually I get creative here, but we were looking to keep it basic.

And here it is all baked and finished! A perfect compliment to a quiet beer night.

There have been a couple of ducks in the backyard for a few weeks now. About a week ago I counted 8 eggs in their nest. When I checked this weekend, the count was up to 19!! I think this mama duck must be crazy! I can't wait for spring to get here so I can see all these babies. You know, an end to all the rain we've been getting couldn't hurt either.

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