Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Revamped file box

Previously, I had been using a cardboard file box for our bills and other important papers. I was so happy to see it was crushed during the move. I actually laughed, not exaggerating. I've been sick of it for so long. I was lucky enough to snag a different one from the alley behind our house. Freebie? Yes please! Just so you can see, I went from this:

To this:

And with a little steel wool, tape and Rust-Oleum...

this dirty old file box

Became this!

Whew, now that's better. Maybe not that I don't have to deal with a pepto-pink bills box things will actually get filed where they belong! Probably not, but at least I don't have to worry about hiding this one...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Perfect timing

After I posted last night, I got a response to an email I had sent out last week. Normally when I don't hear back from someone on craigslist, I forget about it. Just my luck, an early 1900s steamer trunk I had been interested in was available! I picked it up first thing this morning. Take a peek!

I've cleaned it up quite a bit, but I need to do some research on how to restore/spruce it up without ruining it. For now, it's already on display. I'm hoping looking at it daily will help push me into getting it done faster. I'm so in love. Have you had any exciting projects lately?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random projects

With all the unpacking, I haven't had time to do anything DIY-wise yet. I have however, found some furniture pieces to add to the "fix me" list and some great ideas for our new place.I've begun love the idea of reusing a vintage steamer trunk as furniture. I'm on the hunt for a  perfect size trunk to repurpose as a coffee table. Excuse to market shop in Mexico next weekend? Maybe...

Why... Hello gorgeous.

On another note, I started stockpiling crown molding the other day. Can you say, faux fireplace? I know I'm pretty far behind on this trend, but I've never had a space able to accommodate one (we rent). Plus with all the moving we do, I could never justify taking on such a big project. And then I saw this on Design*Sponge:

I almost died! A bookshelf... Why didn't I think of that? The option to place and remove shelves is perfect for changing moods and seasons too. I'm sure it'll be quite a while before I get these projects rolling, but it's nice to see everything coming together.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ice sticks

I came across a few of these ice trays while picking up some quick containers at Ikea, and I knew I had to have them. 

While browsing the grocery store, it came to me... Fruit ice cube sticks! I've seen it done with cubes, but these are so perfect for water bottles and pretty drinks. I'm constantly trying to drink more water, and this seems like a cool way to mix it up.

I used an assortment of berries and mint leaves for my first batch. Chop in half and place into the tray. There's an optional step here to boil distilled water (once it cools it can be used to make clear ice instead of frosted).

Just add water and pop into the freezer.

I was impatient and thirsty, so I popped some out of the tray a little early. 

Looks so adorable in a glass, and definitely adds something special to my boring water. Yummy and refreshing! I might just have to keep these in my freezer all the time!
For some other colors, check out Holly's version at Zucchero Zucchero

Relocation nation

Surprise! (Well, not really...) We've moved! 

We're officially in San Diego. I'll spare you the photos of our scary trailer, and numerous boxes/trash bags of stuff. My absence over the last week has been due to lack of planning, and lots of unpacking. I didn't get to bring any furniture (one bedside table doesn't count), so you'll be noticing a lot more DIY furniture revamping and decorating over the next few weeks. I can only hope this new chapter brings more laughs, love and adventures into our lives. I do know one thing, I'm not eager to make that drive with pets in my car again.