Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ceramic Project

Lately I've been overwhelmed by a massive amount of ceramic molds I've inherited. 3 storage sheds full to be exact.What is a non-ceramic making girl supposed to do with all of this stuff? While trying to organize everything for donation, I came across some duplicates of some pieces my mom received when I was young. So I decided to finish them, and have my own. Much more fun than trying to convince my mom to give hers to me!

The piece that holds the most memory for me is this polar bear. He is meant to be filled with baking soda, and placed in the fridge. Way better than looking at an orange box when you're searching for food. I think he'll fit in nicely.

All painted and coated! All he needs is a rubber stopper for underneath and we're in business! Apparently the FolkArt paint I used is dishwasher safe, but I'm not eager to test that out anytime soon.

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