Monday, July 25, 2011

Comicon 2011

While working in the hotel industry can be very challenging, it definitely has it's perks. Last week, Chris and I got free passes for Comicon. Neither of us had ever been and it originated here in San Diego, so this was a cool opportunity for us. 

2 whole days at Comicon? A little too much for me to handle, but I was able to loan these out so they got a fair amount of use.

We got plenty of cheesy photos.

Saw tons of cartoon characters (Pikachu was the only one I recognized right away)

And of course, we saw one crazy costume after another. Fun to see, but I could never be that dedicated.

The free swag with the comic books I bought for my brother. Not pictured: at least 10 action movie posters. I plan on mailing him all this fun stuff one piece at a time leading up to his birthday. Luckily, he doesn't read this blog, so he'll have no clue what's going on.

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