Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Easter Bunny

I'm thinking you and I need to get on the same page. I remember Easter being close behind Christmas, birthdays and Halloween in holiday awesomeness. We need to get back to that. Let's start with your end of the bargain. Just so you know, this year I would appreciate:

This adorable apron from anthropologie.

These bowls from FishsEddy that I wish I would have snagged while in NYC. Any patterns will do, seriously.

This DRESS! I would definitely go out of my way to find somewhere swanky to wear this baby. 

If none of these are within your gifting arsenal, I guess I would settle for some chocolate. Or candy. Just please, no socks. (My mom finds socks to be a frighteningly entertaining gift for every occasion, and that's already more than I can handle) 

Thanks, your dear friend Lindsay

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