Friday, April 22, 2011

Stay classy San Diego...

Earlier this week Chris and I headed out to San Diego to check out some relocation possibilities. The weather wasn't the nicest (it rained almost the whole time), but we had a very relaxing few days.

We were lucky to score a sweet hotel in the historic Gaslamp district. It felt unbelievably like our old stomping grounds in Minneapolis (with MUCH better weather). If budget was no object, I would love to live there. Or on a sandy beach. Whatever.

We especially enjoyed....

Checking out the new-ish Petco Park, and the dog park they have right outside the stadium. Well hello there, Jack's new favorite spot. 

Taking in some local art throughout the city.

Watching the sun finally come out during lunch at the harbor.

Watching some early Easter egg hunts.

Snagging some cupcakes from Sprinkles. Delish!!

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